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Best Pet Supplies for Separation Anxiety in Dogs
Jul 26, 2021

Dog anxiety is often overlooked by pet parents because the symptoms can seem like dog behaviour issues. Dogs of any age and breed can experience anxiety; however, some experience anxiety more often than others. Initially, anxious dogs may demonstrate behaviour such as whining, barking, and pacing around. If left untreated, dog anxiety can lead to more intense dog behaviour issues like house destruction and aggression. 

Potential Causes for anxiety 

  • Loud noises (eg. alarms, vacuum cleaner, thunders)  
  • Change in environment 
  • Experience of abandonment 
  • Loss of a family member 
  • Lack of exercise 
  • Boredom 
  • Fear 

Fortunately, there are many solutions that can help calm your dog’s anxiety, like anxiety medication, crate training, and supplements. 

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In addition to medications, home remedies, and training, pet parents can also try using some gadgets to help curb your pup’s anxiety! We’ve listed out our top 7 pet supplies must-haves to help curb your furbaby's anxiety.

1. Pet Monitoring Camera 

If you don’t want to spend a minute away from your pup then a pet monitoring camera is an absolute must-have product! Leaving your dog at home whilst you go to work can be difficult if you have an anxious dog. With a pet camera, you will be able to keep an eye on your furry friend at all times. Furbo Dog Camera is an interactive pet camera that allows you to see, talk, and play with your dog remotely! The two-way audio helps you to soothe your dog's anxiety from anywhere, at any time. Most importantly, the treat toss feature will keep your dog engaged and away from boredom! 

Two poodles lying on a cream colored couch looking at the Furbo Dog Camera placed on a small wooden table

2. Durable dog treats 

A big reason why dogs experience anxiety is that they’re bored. Tough dog treats, such as a Kong or chew will take longer for your pup to finish. If your dog is suffering from anxiety due to boredom, a durable dog treat will help keep your dog busy for a while. After your dog finishes the treat, he would likely want to rest, which decreases the possibility of anxiety.

Brown and white staffordshire bull terrier holding a red Kong dog toy in its mouth while walking on the grass

3. Snuggle dog toys 

Nothing beats the comforting feeling of a soft snuggly toy. If your dog suffers from anxiety due to fear, then the snuggle toy can offer some relief for that fear. It’s best to purchase snuggle dog toys that can be heated up because warmth can also help calm your pup’s nerves. 

Black and white dog looking up while holding onto a fluffy moose stuff toy in its mouth

4. Interactive dog toys 

In addition to having a soft snuggly toy, your dog might also love playing with toys such as a sniff mat or a puzzle toy with treats inside. Not only will those dog toys relieve your dog of boredom, but they can also help promote mental stimulation! Whether you are off to work or on an important call, interactive dog toys can help keep your pooch busy for a while. 

Brown poodle playing with a blue interactive dog toy ball on the grass

5. Anxiety vests 

One of the common ways people deal with anxiety is to wrap themselves up in bed to get a warm and comforting feeling. Anxiety vests such as Thundershirt may be used to help calm your pets during fireworks, vet visits, travel, thunderstorms, and separation anxiety. The weighted vest imitates a warm hug by gently distributing pressure over the back, side, and chest of your dog. 

Brown pup sleeping on a soft sheeted bed wearing a weighted anxiety vest

6. Weighted blanket

Recently, weighted blankets have been all the hype for humans that struggle with anxiety. Did you know, weighted blankets can achieve the same results on our pets? The weight from the blanket mimics a warm hug and can provide feelings of security, comfort, and calmness. If your pup struggles with anxiety vests, try adding a weighted blanket to his bed or crate to help soothe anxiety. 

Two pictures of dogs sleeping on a soft white bed

7. Essential oils 

Aromatherapy can work wonders especially for dogs because they are very sensitive to scents. Some of the most classic scents that can help relieve your dog of anxiety include chamomile, lavender, and sweet marjoram. Aromatherapy for dogs comes in various affordable products including sprays and massage oils. Not only will you soothe your dog’s anxiety, but he will also smell great!

Two brown bottles of essential oil with white caps on a table
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