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Top 4 Golden Retriever Health Problems!
Dec 02, 2016

Golden Retrievers can light up any room with their presence! They are warm-hearted, and they even know how to help us in emergencies. Bonding with both dogs and humans is no problem for them!

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Despite being so faithful and passionate, golden retrievers require a lot of attention from us to stay healthy. If you are looking to adopt a golden retriever or you already have one, please watch out for the following health and behavioral problems:


Golden Retrievers have a high chance of getting cancer. About 60% of golden retrievers die because of cancer. In the 1970's, their lifespan was between 16 and 17 years old, and now they live until 9 or 10 years old. We recommend taking your Golden to the vet at least twice a year to make sure everything is ok. You can treat cancer in time! Your dog's touch and love can heal your pain, your care and affection can heal your dog's pain. It's all an exchange of optimism.

Why do golden retrievers get cancer? The good news is that researchers are always looking for more information about cancer and are involved in trying to answer this very question. Golden retriever cancer rates have become higher in the past several decades, meaning the cancer predisposition may be the result of a genetic mutation that emerged recently. It is also possible that hormones present in all dogs work differently in certain breeds, affecting their tendency for cancer.

Genetics also play a role. If two dog parents have cancer, their puppies may also have a predisposition to the condition. As greater numbers of golden retrievers get cancer, there is also a greater chance that at least one parent of golden retriever puppies will be vulnerable to the disease. This is another reason to purchase only from reputable breeders or sources.


2. Hip and Elbow Dysplasia

If you notice your dog having trouble getting up, favoring one leg, or having stiff and slow movements, please take your dog to the vet immediately. Your Golden is lively and jolly, always ready to run freely on a grass field. Even if they are in pain, they will still try to play because they are such radiant souls. The best thing to do is to prevent your doggie's condition from getting worse. Their playful personality will always keep them optimistic and bubbly.


3. Epilepsy

Epilepsy can manifest in your Golden Retriever as a seizure. If your dog is having a seizure, immediately clear away any dangerous objects around your dog; they can hurt themselves. Good news is, you don't need to put anything in their mouth because dogs don't have choking hazard in a seizure as humans do. They don't understand what is going on with their body and they rely on you to guide them. Put yourself in their shoes and help them relax.


4. Separation Anxiety

Golden Retrievers are loyal and courageous.They'd jump on any chance to play with you, and they are always willing to make new friends. Leaving the house breaks their heart, so they share their feelings of sadness through barking. Your golden needs a lot of exercise and hugs. As hard as this sounds, don't be super agitated and overjoyed when you leave or come back home; this can make your dog's anxiety worst. Instead, share your enthusiasm throughout the day, listen and reach out to your dog when they least expect it.


Every dog breed has specific health problems, and despite all the issues mentioned above, Golden Retrievers fill our hearts with warmth and joy. We need to help them stay healthy and happy. Would you like to adopt one too? We understand how much responsibility it takes to raise a dog, and being always by their side make a huge difference in raising an adventurous and healthy doggie.

Through Furbo, you don't have to worry about separation anxiety! You can talk to your dog anytime, calm him or her down, make sure everything is ok. Being away doesn’t mean you can’t be there for emergencies. Also,if your dog is obedient and considerate, you can fill their tummy with their favorite treats!

There’s even a free app included with your purchase to make your Furbo more effective. Furbo features a bark alert, which can be especially useful for dogs with separation anxiety. Bark alert can bring you peace of mind, helping you address potential problems and train your dog not to bark if they're feeling separation anxiety. With audio filtering technology, Furbo filters out neutral noises, ensuring a lower risk of false alerts.

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Understanding the Risks

Asking “what health problems do golden retrievers have” is more than just curiosity. If you’re considering bringing a retriever into your home, you’ll want to consider the health problems golden retrievers tend to experience so you can ask questions of a dog’s parenting and health history. Being prepared for potential golden retriever issues can also help you determine whether this type of canine companion is right for you.

Understanding the most health problems with golden retrievers also lets you be more proactive. You can test for the most common conditions, so cancers such as melanoma, lymphoma and hemangiosarcoma — as well as other conditions — can be detected early. The prognosis for dogs is better with early detection and treatment.

golden retriever puppy

If you understand the golden retriever health issues that are most common, you can also take steps to prevent them. When you know separation anxiety can be an issue, for example, you can take steps to keep your dog calm by finding a pet sitter or doing other things to lower your dog’s stress level.

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While golden retriever back problems, epilepsy and other issues are ultimately genetic, being aware of them can help you take some preventive measures and work with your vet to reduce your dog’s risk. Understanding golden retriever health problems also lets you be more alert for early signs of hip dysplasia and other problems so your dog does not remain in pain needlessly.

Some health problems in golden retrievers are quite common. Genetic predispositions can mean retrievers are more likely than other breeds to get certain medical conditions. All dogs are predisposed to some health concerns, and this breed is no different.

Knowing about the risks lets you be a better dog parent by helping you take action to keep your canine friend healthy.

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