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Houseproof Against Holiday Hazards!
Dec 09, 2020

It’s the most wonderful time of the year - until your pup decides those ornaments look pretty tasty. Your little Grinch may wreak havoc on your Christmas decor, as one Furbo user discovered:

“It was Christmas of 2018. We got an activity alert on the Furbo. When I checked the camera I saw our Christmas tree had fallen over onto the ground and Knox had his head in it digging for a candy cane! The tree water spilled all over the floor and there were broken ornaments scattered around. I was able to talk to him through Furbo to tell him to get away from the tree."

“Then I called my dad, who came over and put Knox up and cleaned up the mess. My dad told me when he arrived he found 5 candy canes lined up in a row on the couch!! We have not put a candy cane on our tree since! I'm so glad we have Furbo to check up on the dogs. It makes me feel much more comfortable when we have to leave. I believe Furbo prevented him from getting hurt when he knocked over the Christmas tree. So many things could've happened if we hadn't gotten the activity alert. It allowed us to get to him quickly.”

Good thing Knox had a Furbo to prevent him from swallowing those candy canes! He’s just fine today, and you can follow this cutie’s adventures on Instagram at @knockyknox. 

But it’s a good reminder that not only can your dog send your tree tumbling, he’s at risk for injury. To keep your pup safe, try these tree-proofing techniques:

  1. Put up a barricade. While baby gates and fencing may not be the prettiest, it will keep your dog away from the tree and Christmas morning will dawn accident-free. 
  2. Choose dog-friendly ornaments. This would mean ornaments made of plastic rather than delicate china or glass, and avoiding edible ornaments like candy canes or gingerbread men. 
  3. Tether the tree. Anchor your tree to the ceiling or walls with wire or plastic line, and you can be sure your tree is unshakeable. (You’ll want to test this before letting your Great Dane near the tree.)

Happy Holidays!

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