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Winter is here! 7 Tips to Keep Your Dog Warm This Winter!
Dec 22, 2016

Winter is the most warm-hearted season of them all. Sometimes we forget how cold it really is outside. Families and furbabies get together to celebrate love and being together! When we go out for a stroll,  our furbabies must be kept cozy. Here are seven tips on how to keep your dog comfy warm this winter:

1.Their hair is their best friend

During the summer your dog needs constant grooming because it's too hot. It is a different story when winter is coming!! We have to make sure our furbabies stay warm and don't get sick. If your dog can grow long hair, let it grow. Their extra fur will keep them safe from being chilly.

warm dog sweater cold winter love long hair


2. Keep bath time short

Giving your dog a bath is a lot of fun! During these holidays wait until his or her hair completely dries out before going outside. Their hair can dry slower in the winter time. Imagine walking with your hair wet outside; you can get sick so much faster! Catching a cold is never exciting.

warm dog sweater cold winter love cloth

3. Careful with your furbaby's paws

Some dogs have long hair between their paws. Make sure that you cut the extra hair, the snow and ice can get stuck and hurt their little poofy paws. If not, it will make it really uncomfortable for them to walk in the snow. 

warm dog sweater cold winter

4. Wipe your furbabies paws

There is a lot of salt and other chemicals on the floor during winter time. These can all hurt your dog's paws; please wash them carefully when you come back home. Your doggie will be free from all the strange chemicals.

warm winter dog paw cold

5. Use boots

The best way to avoid the paw problems mentioned is to get snow boots or little balloons. Your dog can be more comfortable walking in the snow and ice! The first time they wear the boots might make them look really funny, but they will be happy the floor doesn't hurt their paws anymore.

6. Dress warm

If you have a small dog or a short-haired dog especially, it will make a big difference to get them a coat. Just like us we need coats and sweaters to stay warm in the freezing winter. Of course, big dogs and long-haired dogs like staying stylish with jackets too. Extra coziness never hurts!

warm dog sweater cold winter

7. Lots of love

There's nothing more exciting and peaceful than being surrounded by your family's love. Keep your doggie close to you this holiday and give them a lot of hugs and kisses! They always return all your affection.

warm dog sweater cold winter love

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