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Why Is Your Dog Destructive?
Feb 20, 2021

It’s happened to most of us. We come home, and the dog has shredded our couch pillows, shoes, or worse. But it’s important to remember that dogs don’t usually exhibit destructive behavior just to act out - it’s usually part of extreme anxiety.

One Furbo user witnessed this when her pup, Leo, got caught on camera:

"Our Leo ate our couch, my plants, basically all of our furniture and jumped on our counter. His breed is very destructive when they are alone and we have been working on his separation anxiety. He’s only a year old, but boy does he make a mess! Furbo has caught all of these moments for us! Our Leo jumped on the counter and grabbed a knife out of the sink. We were able to talk to him through the Furbo and eventually he lost interest, we left work to make sure everyone was ok!"

Fortunately Leo wasn’t hurt by the knife, and you can follow his adventures on Instagram at @theofficialleotheleonberger. But this is a great example of what separation anxiety can lead dogs to do. Separation anxiety may cause:

  • Chewing
  • Unwanted barking and howling
  • Digging or scratching at doors
  • Destruction of property

If you see your pup exhibiting these behaviors, he likely has separation anxiety. Speak to your vet about training methods, and even the possibility of medication if needed. And of course, keeping a Furbo in the house allows you to speak to your dog, calm him, and throw him treats - a great way to let him know he’s not alone. 

Be sure to check out more tips for dog safety:

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