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Do You Know How to Get Your Dog to Stop Barking?
Nov 24, 2016
Are you worried that every time you leave the house, your dog will start barking really loud and bother all your neighbors?
There is always a reason why your dog is barking. Before things get worse, you must take action and help you furbaby. Here are four reasons and solutions to help you prevent your dog from excessive barking:

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1. Separation Anxiety

When your doggie is home alone for many hours, he or she gets really stressed and anxious. It was the same feeling when we were kids, we didn't want to go to school because we can't be with mommy. So we start crying. The same way your doggie starts barking because he or she is away from you.

Suggestion: Every time we leave the house, we make a "big scene," telling our dog how much we will miss them, and accentuating the fact that we are leaving the house. Your dog's instinct is to be by your side. But, your dog needs to realize that he will be safe at home even without you. We recommend taking a walk twice a day to release their energy.

Dog Separation Anxiety

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2. Your dog feels lonely and bored

Our dogs spend most of their time waiting for us at home alone. They miss us so much, so they bark as loud as they can to call us back home. Imagine what they feel every time you leave, they have no clue where you are going.

Suggestion: Challenge your dog mentally and physically, so he or she can rest when you leave home. You can get dog puzzles, and leave some treats around the house, that way your dog keeps busy finding the "gifts." It's all about making your dog happy even when you are not home.

Your dog is bored or lonely

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3. Your dog is very territorial and possessive

Some dogs are very sensitive to any noise they hear near their "territory." Any small sound, from the postman to just a neighbor passing by, your dog lets them know they are not welcome here. Your dog is always at your rescue, isn't that adorable?

Suggestion: When you are home, if you notice your dog barking at any sound coming from outside, you must stop your dog and reward him or her with treats once they listen to you. Your dog will slowly associate this event with something positive and will eventually stop barking. The warrior in them needs some rest too!

Dog barking

4. Your dog is afraid

Is your dog afraid of thunderstorms, earthquakes, or fireworks? Imagine when your dog is home alone, they can't be by your side, so their only solution is to start barking because they are scared. Don't blame them, we all cry sometimes when we are afraid.

Suggestion: Try the "systematic desensitization” technique. Record the scary sound on your phone and play it to your doggie. Start with the volume low, and reward your dog with treats, when your dog is not afraid of that sound. Then increase the volume. Repeat this until your dog is no longer scared of the thunder sound. Take it easy on your dog; it is all about healing them and their feelings.

Your dog is afraid

Now you understand some of the reasons why your dog barks a lot, but when you are not home, how do you know if your dog is barking?

Through Furbo Dog Camera, you will know when your dog is barking right away! Furbo will send you a notification to your phone, and you can check on your dog immediately. You can start talking to your dog and calm him or her down. Being there for your dog in moments of stress will help your dog realize he or she is never alone!

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