Dog Monitoring

Dog Monitoring

Just like human babies, furbabies need constant monitoring. A dog monitor can help you keep tabs on your furry family member — and Furbo Dog Camera with two-way communication and treat dispenser is the gold standard for many dog lovers.
See Your Dog

Anyone who lives with a furbaby knows that part of the charm of any dog is their uncanny ability to get into everything! While it sure makes for some terrific pictures and plenty of laughs, it can also be a problem, especially if you’re not home.

The right dog monitoring system is one that lets you see your dog at all times, and Furbo lets you monitor around-the-clock. HD-quality cameras ensure you can see every little detail and night vision ensures you can see what's going on at home when you're on-the-go and even when it’s dark outside.


Furbo has a free dog monitor app to let you use Furbo with an Apple or Android device. Just download the app and you can start getting bark alerts, taking photos and video of your dog or checking in on your furbaby at any time of the day or night. Some of our customers call ours the best dog monitor app they have encountered because it keeps their canine family member safe at all times while bringing peace of mind.

Dog lovers are busy people and Furbo lets you connect with your dog by using your phone. You can make sure your furry family member is safe and can even offer a word of praise.

dog monitoring from mobile
Communicate With Your Furbaby

If you’re going to monitor your dog while you’re at work, you need more than a dog monitor camera. You also need a system to communicate with your furry family member. Furbo is a two-way communication system that lets you call your furbaby, baby talk to him or her or offer soothing words as needed.

This is also a very practical feature, since it allows you to call your dog to the camera by name. With a traditional dog camera monitor, you may need to wait until the dog comes by the camera. Furbo, however, has lights dogs can see and you can call your furbaby right to the camera.

Toss Treats

A dog monitor with a treat dispenser goes beyond a dog monitoring camera and lets you communicate in a way your dog understands: through words and food. With a pet monitor treat dispenser, you can continue training even when you’re not at home. You can also offer comfort and spoil your furriest family member with a favorite food.

If you’re looking for a camera to monitor your dog at home while you’re away at work or out of the house, Furbo is a two-way system that allows you to monitor the most vulnerable member of your family while dispensing treats. You even have access to a free dog monitoring app. Furbo even has an app that can be used to Android or Apple devices to help you monitor your canine buddy from your phone. Order today!

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