Gifts for New Dog Owners

Gifts for New Dog Owners

Do you know someone who has a new dog? Gifts for dogs and their human friends can be tough to find. If you're looking for that perfect and thoughtful gift, Furbo Dog Camera is a great choice. It's an ideal system to not only monitor a dog, but also communicate with him or her.
Treat Dispenser

Many dog gifts are centered around food. After all, dogs love to eat! Many gifts for dog owners include treats or dog bowls. Furbo is unique because it has a treat dispenser. It lets dog owners launch a treat even if they’re not home. They can surprise or delight their dog, watch the dog react to a treat appearing in thin air or get their dog to come running to the camera by dispensing a treat.

Buying Furbo as a gift can also make more sense than buying treats, since new dogs and puppies may have special diets. Furbo lets a pet parent choose their own furry baby’s treats and gives them years of treat dispensing.

Dog Camera and Video

There are no more personalized dog gifts for owners than those allowing dog lovers to spend more time with their furry loved ones. Unfortunately, of all the gifts for new puppy owners, one present you can’t buy is more time. Furbo can help.

Furbo has a camera and video capability, including HD camera technology and night vision. Now, a new dog lover can watch their newest family member at any time using the free app. They can tune in at night, while they’re at work or at any other time.

If it’s the human and not the dog in a relationship experiencing separation anxiety, 24/7 monitoring with Furbo can help. Furbo even lets dog lovers take photos and videos of their beloved dogs and share them with social media. Who wouldn’t love that as a gift?

gifts for new dog owners
best gifts for new dog owners
The Gift of Monitoring and Safety

If it were possible for gifts to flow from dogs to owners, dogs would want to send their humans the gift of love and peace of mind. Furbo is exactly that. It’s one of the great dog gift ideas for dog owners because it ensures dog lovers can monitor their dogs and keep them safe.

It’s a nightmare for many dog lovers, especially ones with new furry companions: the thought that their dog may be barking and needs help. Furbo has a barking alert feature too, so no matter where dog lovers are and what they’re doing, they'll get a notification when their lovable furball needs attention. You’ll never again have to worry about what's happening at home.

The Gift of Training

If you’re looking for gifts for new dog owners, you may consider obedience or training classes. One of the more unique gifts for dog owners, it’s also practical and helps dogs and their humans bond. However, can you be sure to get a class the human in the relationship will even want?

If you want to give the gift of training, give Furbo. Furbo lets new dog lovers monitor their furbabies around the clock so they can notice and target any bad habits. Since Furbo dispenses treats and uses two-way communication, it lets humans and dogs engage in training together. The human in the relationship can issue commands and dispense treats while the furry one in the relationship can respond to commands on video. It’s the perfect way to let a friend or family member reinforce training with their new canine buddy.

If you’re looking for the best gifts for new dog owners, don’t look any further than Furbo. What other gift can let friends and family members stay with their dogs remotely, monitor them, take video and photos, train together, give treats and communicate via a free app? It’s the thoughtful gift that keeps on giving for a lifetime.

gifts for dog owners
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