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5 Types of Dog Owners Who Need A Dog Camera the Most
Jun 09, 2017

There are many reasons that dog owners will want to have a camera in their home, and the right kind of camera is the one that addresses all the issues. Furbo Dog Camera makes your time away from your furbaby much less stressful and can help you solve problems that separation can cause.

For New Puppy Owners

puppy holding slipper in the mouth

The most energetic and busiest dogs are new puppies, and leaving your new baby alone while you’re at work can cause you a lot of anxiety and stress. That, you definitely don’t need! Yes, puppies do sleep a lot, but when they’re awake, they’re full of exuberance and high jinks. Knowing what he’s up to when you aren’t home can actually make you more productive at work, because you can relax with the knowledge that at any point during the day, you can see him. Is he going potty on the papers you put down or shredding them all over the house? Has he gotten hold of your best stilettos to chew to pieces? Is he about to eat something that might send him right to the vet?

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Having your dog camera set up to watch him during the day when you can’t be with him means that you can intervene when trouble is about to occur. Being able to speak to him can stop behavior problems in their tracks, and redirecting him is easier when you can get his mind off what he’s about to do. Tossing him a treat is a great distraction as well as a reward for choosing good behavior. The camera can help you with your dog training, too, because when you know what he’s up to, you can make changes that help achieve your goals for him!

For Owners Who Work Full Time

Woman working and looking at her computer in the office

Working full time can definitely be a stressor, both for you and your furbaby. Yet most of us dog lovers do have full time jobs. Your dog wants to be with you 24/7, and when you can communicate with him even when you’re not home, he doesn’t think you’ve left him forever. It is relaxing both for you and Fido if you can talk to him and toss him a treat or two on occasion.

Your training can continue throughout the day as well. Because Furbo uses lights and sounds your dog can associate with other training devices, he can quickly make the connection between formal training sessions and practice you give him remotely while you’re at work.

If your work schedule keeps you at work at night, no worries! The night vision feature allows you to see your dog even in the dark. So your agenda need not be a source of worry for you at all. Keeping in touch with your dog is easy 24 hours a day.

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For Dogs Who Suffer Separation Anxiety

dog laying on the floor with his fluffy toy

Some pups seem to be very attached to their humans and suffer separation anxiety when they are apart. (To be honest, some owners have the same problem!) It’s as though they think if you are out of their sight, you are never going to return. While we know that’s not true, it helps to have a method to assure Fido that you haven’t abandoned him, and Furbo is the perfect device to do that. With a simple word or two to your dog you can reassure him that you’re not so very far away after all.

For the owner, it is much easier to leave Fido when you can see him and interact with him, too. Tossing a treat or two to him will definitely lift his spirits while he waits for you to return. It’s a win-win for anxious furbabies and their anxious humans!

For Dogs Who Bark Excessively

Some dogs express their loneliness by barking and howling. It’s as though they find comfort in the sound of their own voice. Obviously, excessive barking can be a major problem, not only because it can be a noise nuisance, but because it shows that the dog is experiencing stress. Furbo alerts you remotely whenever your furbaby barks, so you can address it right then. Being able to talk to your dog remotely is a great help in stopping this behavior. When he hears his human’s voice, he will more than likely stop barking to find out where the voice is coming from and listen carefully for it. Tossing treats when he stops barking reinforces his training, too.

For Owners of Multiple Dogs

5 dogs standing around furbo

How often have you come home to find a mess that was obviously done by your dog—but which one? Having more than one dog can complicate your life in many ways. And Furbo can help solve some of those issues. Being able to see what’s going on with your dogs when you’re not home can help you isolate who’s having problems and who is not. Which dog is chewing up your furniture? Who’s dragging the toilet paper through the living room? Is one of them howling and disturbing your neighbor? Being able to see and speak to the problem is so helpful, you’ll wonder how you ever survived more than one dog without it!

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 furbo with happy bulldog

Furbo Dog Camera is your eyes and ears when you’re unable to be there with your best buddy. The bonding experience is so very important, and the camera facilitates bonding even when you and your furry friend are apart. Remotely alerting you to barking helps you stop the behavior in its tracks. Knowing what your furbaby is up to at any time of the day or night is a benefit you just can’t ignore, and the ability to communicate with him and toss him a treat or two lets him know that he’s not all alone in the world. And that’s what makes a relationship really good!


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