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5 Reasons Owning a Dog Camera Will Change Your Life
Jan 01, 2022

Dog moms and dads go to great lengths to pamper their pooches, and for good reason. Dogs are more than furry companions; in many scientifically-proven ways, they can be just as important in your life as a relationship with another person.

Unfortunately for most dog owners, there comes a time nearly every day when you have to leave your pet home alone while you head off to work. For your dog, whose entire world revolves around the two of you together, this can be stressful, boring, scary, or simply unpleasant. And for you, leaving your dog behind can be stressful, as you worry about what they might be getting into, or if their barking is annoying the neighbors.


Dog cameras are a great solution for busy dog parents. The obvious benefits of a dog camera are that you can check in on your pup to be sure they aren’t getting into mischief, and to give yourself a boost throughout your day. However, here are five more benefits of dog cameras that will totally change your day to day.

1. Stop worrying about your dog’s health.

One of the biggest concerns that many pet owners have about their pets being home alone is that they will injure themselves, eat something bad for them, or otherwise get hurt, and no one will be there to help. The idea that your pup might decide that a throw pillow looks pretty tasty is one that haunts many dog lovers. Even if your dog has a stomach of steel, the vet bills alone (just to be safe) can be a real drag on your bank account.

You have three options when it comes to worrying about your dog’s health during the day. Many people choose to kennel their dogs, which is beneficial for some pets for many reasons. However, this could cause an anxious dog to bark, which doesn’t impress your neighbors at all. You could also “doggie proof” your house, but it’s hard to be absolutely sure you’ve removed every single hazard. The last option is to get a dog camera instead. With a camera, you can simply check in on your dog as often as you like, assuring yourself that they are happy and healthy at any moment. Not only you can check on your dog as often as you want, Furbo Dog Camera also sends you barking alerts, so you don't miss out on any emergencies.

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2. Learn something new about the world.

Is there anything more intriguing to a pet owner than the secret life of their dog? How often have you found yourself wondering what your dog is thinking, or how they experience their days? With a pet camera, some of the mystery is solved. Throughout the day, you can see what your pet does to keep themselves occupied, the things that catch their attention, and more. You may find that the things that your pet finds joy in when you aren’t there make you change the way you consider your home.

3. Enjoy your nights and weekends more.

Your dog is biologically wired to want to be around you 24/7. As a pack animal, not having the pack leader (you) nearby is extremely stressful. And when the pack leader is gone every day, that stress becomes a chronic condition. By the time you get home at night, your dog is wound up and needs to express all that anxiety. On the weekends, your dog is so excited that you aren’t leaving that they are equally wired.

All this means that your nights and weekends are spent corralling a very excited animal. When you have a camera like the Furbo, which allows you to talk to and interact with your dog while you are away, they’ll feel less stressed out during the week, which leads to calmer and happier playtime. Make sure you choose a camera with night vision, so you have a peace of mind even at night.

4. You’ll be calmer and more productive at work.

You may think that having instant access to your pet all day long would be bad for your productivity, but think of this way: Being able to spend time with your dog has been shown to reduce stress and increase the release of happy hormones in your brain. When you are happy and anxiety-free, you are better able to focus on your tasks, and even find some enjoyment in completing them.


Studies have shown that taking a brief break to meditate, walk, or just breathe deeply during the middle of the work day can make a huge difference in the productivity of employees. We believe that checking up on your pup through your Furbo, tossing them a treat, and seeing them get excited at the sound of your voice, can have very similar effects, thanks to the way the brain responds to dogs.

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5. Skip over the troublesome “untrained puppy” stage for good.

One of the biggest challenges for any pet owner is to get through the phase in a puppy’s life where they haven’t quite mastered things like house breaking, leaving the trash alone, or not barking all day long. A problem for busy pet parents is the fact that training takes twice as long when you’re only there to reinforce good behavior some of the time. With a pet camera like Furbo, you can correct barking when it occurs, and check in periodically to ensure your pet is behaving. And when they respond to your directions, the Furbo can even give them a treat! With the clicking and color-changing light, your pet will associate the Furbo with other training tools, so you can skip right through the awkward puppy stage much sooner.


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Make the Dog Days Last – Even at Work

The many benefits of having a dog camera can truly change your life. With less worry, faster training, and a better connection between the two of you, both you and your pet will have better weekdays. Perhaps most important of all is the support that your dog will feel all day long. While their moms and dads still have to leave the house most days to go to work, they will never feel as though they’ve been left forever.


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